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Fostering connections between people and the therapeutic qualities of nature, whether at the bedside or in the heart of the forest.

Horticultural Therapy sessions can encompass a variety of settings, from programs within an organization's facilities to community-based outings in locations like community gardens, public parks, or wooded areas. Assessment, accessibility, and outcomes are always determined in cooperation with the organization.

I collaborate closely with the care team to contribute to care planning and treatment objectives, with the intention of observing the positive impact of this innovative approach on the entire team and environment.

Contract HT Programming

contract hT programming

starting at $65/hour
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virtual ht programming
contract hT programming

Virtual Horticultural Therapy sessions can be offered for both one to one and group clients. This might be a fit for individuals or client groups in rural settings, with restricted mobility or health, or for individuals desiring a non-traditional, self-led therapeutic process. Prices range dependent on the level of supplies, number of sessions, and preparation determined by the organization. 

Virtual HT Programming

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Therapeutic garden and landscape design is a joint effort with your organization, aligned with your mission, objectives, and community goals. My expertise in creating therapeutic spaces, emphasizing accessibility, sensory engagement, safety, and intuitive interaction provides a distinct perspective in therapeutic garden design and project management.

therapeutic garden design

Therapeutic Garden Design

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Opportunities for research and grant funding

Excellent evaluation utilizing assessment tools, progress notes, and charting

Skilled, intuitive program facilitation for optimal engagement

Why invest in HT?

Improved environmental impact with increased presence of plants and natural materials

Opportunities for engaging, innovative marketing

Improved emotional, social, cognitive, physical, and spiritual wellness for yourself or your clients

Carly Deal
Tillicum Lelum Aboriginal Health Center,
Youth Counsellor

"Bianca is full of invaluable knowledge and was incredibly engaging with the youth in our eco-therapy group. Her passion, insight, and personality are infectious and I hope to work alongside her again."

anonymous client

I'm grieving the loss of my husband, and I'm grieving the process of aging, so at this point - life is about waiting for the next blossom."

cliff Thorbes
HTR, CCDP, and MHFA Canada Facilitator. 

 There are so many qualities and skills that Bianca possesses; I would probably need an entire page to list them. To start with, I respect her dedication and passion for supporting others to become the best they can be in whatever context she works with them. She is a model for professionalism and always generous to share her skills and knowledge with others.


Bianca’s professional skills in designing, promoting and delivering horticultural programs are outstanding. Whenever I request her services, she listens to my needs and tailors the sessions, considering many factors such as the audience, budget, supplies, type of venue, weather, etc. Every time, Bianca exceeded my expectations.

Think HT might be helpful for you or someone you know? 

The glory of gardening: hands in the dirt, head in the sun, heart with nature. To nurture a garden is to feed not just the body, but the soul.