Backed by evidence, it uses nature, plants, hands-on activities, and natural landscapes to boost well-being and produce profound positive outcomes.

Bianca van der Stoel is a Registered Horticultural Therapist and Recreation Therapist committed to integrating the healing power of nature and green environments into healthcare and the daily experiences of individuals.

Explore the transformative power of horticultural therapy.

Design and project management services for the development of engaging therapeutic garden spaces.

In person or virtual therapy sessions tailored to your specific need or treatment goals.

Engaging presentations, educational sessions, and workshops specifically designed for the participants.

cliff Thorbes
HTR, CCDP, and MHFA Canada Facilitator. 

 There are so many qualities and skills that Bianca possesses; I would probably need an entire page to list them. To start with, I respect her dedication and passion for supporting others to become the best they can be in whatever context she works with them. She is a model for professionalism and always generous to share her skills and knowledge with others.

Carly Deal
Tillicum Lelum Aboriginal Health Center,
Youth Counsellor

"Bianca is full of invaluable knowledge and was incredibly engaging with the youth in our eco-therapy group. Her passion, insight, and personality are infectious and I hope to work alongside her again."


Bianca’s professional skills in designing, promoting and delivering horticultural programs are outstanding. Whenever I request her services, she listens to my needs and tailors the sessions, considering many factors such as the audience, budget, supplies, type of venue, weather, etc. Every time, Bianca exceeded my expectations.

anonymous client

I'm grieving the loss of my husband, and I'm grieving the process of aging, so at this point - life is about waiting for the next blossom."

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The glory of gardening: hands in the dirt, head in the sun, heart with nature. To nurture a garden is to feed not just the body, but the soul.